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Water damage can be the most devastating of any sort of disaster. Whether it is caused by an act of Mother Nature, a small pipe leak, or the water left behind when the fire department leaves, water damage must be attended to quickly or it can lead to more extreme and costly problems.

That is why so many in the greater Tulsa, OK area depend on the water damage restoration services provided by the professionals at Dynamic Restoration Services LLC. We are the region’s most trusted experts in removing flood waters. We also boast the fastest response time for your property’s best protection.

Taking immediate action on water damage restoration is vital because the longer water stays around, the higher the chances of mold growth and infestation. The water also can permanently damage wood through swelling that will lead to wood rot.

When you call on us at Dynamic Restoration Services LLC, we will arrive at your site quickly to assess the damage, test for contaminated water, and, if applicable, find and stop the source. Then we will remove furniture and other property or provide pads to protect against furniture or rust stains on carpeting.

The next step in our water damage restoration process is to remove the standing water with large wet/dry vacuums and submersible pumps. We will inspect and remove carpeting if needed. We have infrared cameras that can find hidden water, and we use moisture detectors and meters to determine the amount of moisture in the area.

Finally, we can dry, clean, and sanitize the property before we take on the rest of the water damage restoration process. This may involve providing new carpentry, painting, drywall, and floor and tile repairs.

For the most complete and prompt water damage restoration services available in the Tulsa, OK area, do not wait.

Call us at Dynamic Restoration Services LLC, and we will be on the job before you know it.

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